Useful Before and After Tan Care Tips

Planning to get a spray tan done for the first time? Go through some of the before and after tan tips by Coco Girl Tanning.

Dos and Don'ts Before Your Spray Tan

  • Make sure that you don't apply lotion, deodorant, or makeup before getting a spray tan.
  • Shave 6-8 hours prior to tanning. Cleanse your skin after shaving and make sure that you don't apply any shaving cream as it may contain moisturizers that might affect the absorption of your tan.
  • Pedicures and manicures should be done 24 hours prior to your spray tan and 7-9 days after your spray tan.
  • Get your waxing done 24 hours prior to spray tanning.
  • Wear dark and loose-fitting clothes.
Tanning spray

After Care Tips and Tan Maintenance

  • Don't take a shower or wet your skin for at least 6-8 hours after getting the tan. After 6-8 hours, you can rinse with warm water, but make sure you do not use any cleansers. 
  • Gently cleanse your skin during showers throughout the life of the tan using non-oil-based moisturizers. However, do not exfoliate.
  • Avoid manicures and pedicures during the life of your tan. Exfoliating can cause tanned skin layer to be removed.
  • Make sure that you do not exercise and avoid sweating until after your first shower.
  • Moisturize daily and use sunscreen when and if needed.
  • Avoid bleaching and oil-based cleansers and moisturizers.
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