Helpful FAQs About Tanning

Do you have any questions related to tanning and tanning products? Read the FAQs below to find answers to all your questions.

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How long does it last?
Each application lasts a week. Apply our product once or twice a week on an average and you can deepen your tan by applying more or less as per your preference. You may find your own maintenance schedule based on how dark you want your tan to be.
Are there any harmful effects of using this product?
It’s much better to use a dihydroxyacetone formula like our self-tanning product to create a tan than to bake for prolonged hours in the sun. The Fake Bake product has had no animal testing because it does not use any harmful ingredients that would have ever required extensive testing. We feel we have the most organic product that promotes healthy skin.
Will it stain my clothing or other items?
No! The organic color pigment is not a stain or dye, so you can wash it off any synthetic material. We have thoroughly tested our products on different materials. We have found that our self-tanning product can be washed out of a synthetic material more easily than makeup.

Will it wash off?
No! The organic color pigment acts as a guide for application and it will rinse off. We recommend that you rinse this off the morning following your application at night. However, the unique tanning agent Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) creates a real tan on your skin's surface and does not wash off.

NOTE: DHA is not permanent. It will fade just as any suntan does, which is why a weekly application is recommended to maintain your tan.
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